Argentina:Part Uno

Hola Amigos,

Greetings from Ushuaia. For those playing the home game, it is the southern most city on the planet. I will be here for a bit trying to hop on a boat to Antarctica. If that doesn´t work out, then I guess the saying ¨no where to go but up¨will truly apply. I will head north to begin exploring Chilean Patagonia. But, before then I will explore the nearby glacier and Tierra del Fuego National Park.

I started off with 3 days in Buenos Aires and saw a good portion of the city. The highlight was attending an AC River Plate soccer game. The fans are unbelievable. Think of the fans during Yankees/Red Sox games and multiply it by 1,000. Think of Ohio St./Michigan fans on crack. The one turista option I did pass on was the tango lessons. With moves like mine, I was afraid of upstaging the instructors.

From BA I took a bus to Puerto Madryn which is famous for the whales, penguins and sea lions that inhabit the area. I didn’t see any. I did go kayaking in the ocean though and I must say, that ain´t the same as Lake Dillon. Kind of reminded me why I don’t go rafting anymore.

A few more bus rides and small towns and here I am.