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is a wireless, electronic tire pressure monitoring and low-pressure alarm system, which will give you added safety and economy while driving. State-of-the art technology monitors tires and reports pressures when requested. PressurePro is used on RVs, trucks, cars and towed vehicles; it also alerts of low tire pressure before driving becomes unsafe. A low-pressure tire will eventually overheat, causing premature tire failure and possibly a fire or vehicle damage. Being warned ahead of time gives the driver the opportunity to repair the tire before significant damage has occurred, minimizing the cost and inconvenience. Fixing a tire is less costly than buying a new one or repairing your vehicle!

PressurePro consists of two basic components:

Sensors - replace valve-stem caps by simply screwing onto the valve stems of the vehicle's tires. Sensors continuously and automatically assess the tire pressures as well as wirelessly transmit each tire's pressure to the Monitor for the driver to observe.Sensor:1.11" Dia. x 1.01" H Wt.: 2/3 oz. $50 ea

Monitor - available in 3 models: the RV Primary & Tow Model (shown below), the Power & Trailer Model (RV or Truck) and the Car Model. All models are equipped with a hook & loop attachment system for dash mounting, a cigarette lighter receptacle plug, and attached antenna, or alternately, they are equipped with an optional external antenna kit.

RV Monitor with monopole antenna $190

6.5"w x 3.0" h x 0.5"d Reads up to 16 tires


Casing damage – Low pressure in tires leads to casing damage which causes tire failure, zipper rips and blowouts.

Heat buildup – Heat is one of the leading causes of tire failure. Low tire pressure leads to excessive heat buildup in the tire.

Fuel economy – Underinflated tires waste 5.47 million gallons of fuel each day or approximately 2 billion gallons per year in the U.S. alone.

Convenience/Safety/Savings –PressurePro is both easy to install and to use (no tools required). Also, it alleviates the time and effort of checking tire pressures.

Protection – Tire pressure monitoring gives an early warning alert for dangerously low tire pressures. PressurePro alerts to low pressure when you need it most: when on the road at highway speeds (and possibly in remote areas) where a tire problem could be costly and dangerous.

Savings – Tires properly inflated last longer. The Tire Industry Safety Council estimates that 50-80% of the 500 million tires being used in the U.S. are underinflated.

PressurePro reads 4 tires on the Car Monitor, up to 16 tires on the RV Monitor and up to 34 tires on the Truck Monitor. Trigger pressures are automatically set to approximately 12% under the cold running pressure for each tire on your vehicle(s).

All Monitors activate an audible alarm (beep), and a red flashing light indicates which tire has lost pressure. Monitors consume approximately the same amount of current as a car clock.


o Eliminates worry about the RV and towed vehicle tires; monitors tires continuously!

o Increases useful tire life by alerting the driver of tire underinflations!

o Saves fuel by alerting driver of tire under-inflation which avoids the additional friction of chronically underinflated tires!

o Reduces the risk of a serious accident and significant property loss!

o Offers flexibility: One system can serve, at different times, more than one vehicle combination!

o Installs in minutes! Sensors screw onto the valve stems; the Monitor is located near the driver location.

o Offers a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.



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